MKE week18

As these weeks go by, so much of what we have be exposed to is evident all around. It’s also evident how unaware we have been made by the systems in place to keep us herded, like cattle, into the slaughter. I once was at a conference where one of the leaders did a presentation about the cattle mentality, and how it allowed us humans to behave like cattle. Through this experience, the real impact of what he was teaching that day has been magnified unbelievably. Is it any wonder there are so many concrete factories? How else do we keep pouring on the layers of control? How else do we keep the imaginations of the populous from running amok, improving, expanding love (now understanding that hate is a learned emotion based in a belief of lack)?

Every day now, I see acts of kindness in ways that were always there, just oblivious to them, and it makes me behave better. Yesterday, it was the beginning of a polar vortex hitting our area, with temperatures falling to (wind chills) of -25 degrees F. I had to go to the store, and when I arrived I sat there for a minute, finishing listening to my DMP, when I noticed that because of the severe cold, a lot of people were bringing their carts to their cars, depositing the groceries and leaving the cart next to the car. Some were at least thoughtful enough to return the cart to the cart area. One lady, walked past the cart stall and took the cart to the area just inside the store. I don’t know for sure what she was thinking, but I saw an act of kindness. To me, that was one less cart the employees had to spend time in that bitter cold gathering carts. There was a perfect example of giving without expectation of reciprocity. I imagined her as a youngster, working at a market gathering those carts, wishing people would at least put the carts in the cart stall.

I got out of the car, picked one of the carts that was left in the open and took it to do my shopping. When I finished shopping, I took my cart to the inside cart area. In that moment, I promised myself to make that a habit. After all, I realized it only took me a minute to do that, I got a little exercise, and it made someone’s job a little easier. Everyone involved in that small situation benefited. Then, the cherry on top. The young man gathering the carts stopped me on the way back to my car and said thanks for returning the cart. It made my day.

In this weather gratitude is so easy. Shelter, and heat in the shelter, stands tall. The ability to sit down at my own table and eat a meal prepared by somebody who cares about me is something I know I used to take for granted. Never again.

The hardest thing has been saying thanks for perceived transgressions, or even welcoming that thought is something I need to work on. Intellectually, I understand it, and I am committed to mastering this habit. I remember this phrase and press on. By the yard it’s hard, by the inch it’s a cinch. I would like to reference an anecdote I read in Dennis Kimbro’s book What Makes the Great Great.

A boiler maker was hired to repair a huge steamship boiler system. He listened to a description of the problem, went to the boiler room, listened to the boiler, felt the cold pipes, took out a hammer and tapped a bright red valve and the system started working perfectly. The owner, after receiving a $2,000 bill, demanded an itemized bill as he noticed the boilermaker had only been in the engine room for five minutes. The itemized bill: $1.00 for tapping with the hammer, $1,999 for knowing where to tap.

He goes on to say “Success is a matter of of knowing how to use the power of our subconscious minds to transform the quality of our lives. When you use your subconscious mind correctly – ‘knowing where to tap’ – you will be able to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and achieve any goal you sincerely desire”.

Now where have we heard that before?  Each one of us is rare. Rare things have value. Therefore we are all valuable. Believe it.


MKE Week 17hj

Barely off the webinar and what do I hear in the background? Some televangelist my wife is listening to, pleading for $1,000.00 donations, when I hear “…Gratitude is the seed for more”. I couldn’t help but see that it would be a truly generous act to give a total stranger that sum of money. Then he explained, “…if you sew abundantly, you reap even more abundantly, to the tune of 100 times as much”. That’s when I said oh well. Here’s a preacher cultivating a spirit of giving with not only an expectation of reciprocity, but a specific amount more. I guess that helps increase the number of cheerful givers. I understand give more get more.  Perhaps these televangelists are heralds? Is this the hero’s journey call? Somehow, I believe I can donate somewhere where all or most  of the donation will actually be used for what I am donating for.

Then, I thought about Aimee and realized I was actually focusing on the wrong thing

Gorgeous woman in bikini lying on the beach on a sunny day

Then the most obvious question is what’s your excuse. I realized that I wasn’t, as Mark likes to say, making the main thing the main thing. There is so much that I need to focus on and get to the all in point. I know that I am getting closer and closer. It is so exhilarating to know that this journey is headed to a glorious destination. I’m completely in understanding of the lady who went to Ireland, so I can really feel  where I’m  headed.

It is really great to know without a shadow of a doubt that I am rare, all rarity is valuable, and I am valuable. Also, reading Emerson is really reinforcing

MKE Week 17

For the first time in a long time, I really felt connected almost everywhere I went. The webinar was so fantastic for me. George Carlin is one of my very favorite comedians, Love’s in Need is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs from arguably the best albums (2 record set) he ever recorded, Bob Marley (‘nough said), and  to top it off, I rarely watch TV now, but Sunday morning I watched The Cider House Rules, and the Master Mind after the webinar had a young man from St Cloud. I won’t even attempt to explain some of the ways I saw niceness exemplified.

The aha moments are now coming fast and furious. Since I already knew that I possessed the skills to accomplish the things I want to, the plea to finally give myself permission was so appreciated. The search for kindness also illuminated the things I should be grateful for that I was struggling to write down on the cards, grateful that I can see and hear, read and write, laugh and talk, take a walk, sit, stand, feed myself and taste the food, put both feet on the floor in the morning and know whose feet they are.

However, one of the things I am most grateful for is the willingness to start and stay on this journey of discovery. I find myself hearing people talk about things that I know nothing about and am far less interested in – the latest reality star screw up, the last horrible thing that happened, even the sports events. That was not the case prior to October. I didn’t realize that the NFL playoffs had started, didn’t know that Clemson had won the National title, and had no idea that the government was being held hostage to get a wall built. As I said, I had quit watching television. I took someone’s advice, from the mastermind after one of the Sunday webinars, and put my dream board in front of the television. I realized how profound it was to move my dreams to the side so that I could watch others fulfilling theirs.

Before anyone throws something at me, I understand all those activities serve a purpose, although some of the purposes are (in my mind) downright disgusting (in my mind).  I just have seen the benefit of eliminating at least the major portion of such unrewarding behaviors. I am already ahead of pace to accomplish some of my DMP initiatives and actually added another initiative. Also, I realized that although I was completely unaware of those earthshaking events, the world kept on turning. As a matter of fact noone has mentioned the Alabama – Clemson game to me yet. I still don’t know the score. My wife tells me that all the time, so forget the amens.

And I realize that I am rare, and rarity has value. Therefore, I am valuable. Besides Haanel told me that weakness is the only barrier to mental attainment and I know I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and HAPPY!!

MKE Week 16

I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just begin. Recognizing acts of kindness is probably the one thing about this whole experience that has been easy for me, due to certain challenges that changed my perspective on what’s important. So watching a young man entering a Cracker Barrel with his wife, stop to not only hold the door for a group of six elderly people, but also wait for them to get to the door as there was a wheel chair and a walker among them,was easy to notice.  He also held the door for me and my wife. That act seemed to illuminate the atmosphere of families enjoying dinner, friends gathering to share a meal.

On the other hand, this battle I have raging with subby is making me question – am I the only one who is having this colossal war with my old self? It’s as though he recognizes the new me has invaded his territory, set up camp, and burned all means of retreat and old me is determined to make this battle for control of my destiny a monumental conflict. I asked myself is it because I started this journey so late? Did I allow the old blueprint to grow to such proportions that the clay falling  created a mudslide? I listen to the mastermind discussions and I hear these glowing testimonials and I realize that although I haven’t been as timely in completing some things or missed readings or not fulfilled all the requirements timely and that impacts my ability to receive everything I could receive, I still notice there are times when I feel like I have not stopped living as an onion and it is very displeasing.

Just when “issues” seemed to be surrounding my camp, about to attack, (momentarily forgetting that what is outside has been allowed because of what’s inside), the Sunday webinar arrives with reinforcements, the tribe meeting brings encouragement, the folks that I chose as mastermind partners urge me to keep pressing on.

It is a truly wonderful thing to have people believe in you and support you when you have trouble believing in yourself. It is these acts of kindness I have been privy to, combined with a real desire to really see that DMP fulfilled, to reap the rewards I know are there waiting, that make the MKEMMA experience so meaningful. This part of my hero’s journey is a challenge I embark upon with eager anticipation, for I know I am rare, and there is value in all rarity, therefore I am valuable.

MKE week 9

After a week and 1/2 in upper Michigan in Tahquamenon Falls State Park, where all the colors were thrown at me everywhere and I saw my PPN everywhere. Then coming home to week 9 and I felt as though I knew they were talking about and to me.  I so needed the kick in the pants and the encouragement.

Somehow, everything I read, everywhere I went pointed at the Master Key or Og.  I am rereading T.D. Jakes book So You Call Yourself A Man (a book my best friend gave me a few years ago) and I couldn’t help but notice how much more I am feeling what I am reading, especially since I am reading it the way it should be read (as a daily devotional and workbook), not as I read it the first time, a book to be finished and there it was “…God calls us to see Him when we see other people. He calls us either to give to other people as He would give to them, or receive from other people as if we are receiving from the Lord Himself.” Hello Mr. Emerson

Then I really read the guy in the glass, while looking directly at him, feeling more cognizant than I have felt in a long time, and promised him that from that moment on he was going to love the new guy, and I always keep my promises. It’s amazing how obvious it is becoming how everything is all related.

I was doing my daily read for true health (some may say spiritual growth – I read the Chapter of Proverbs that coincides with the day of the month), and there it was 18:15-16 “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, the ears of the wise seek it out. A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of greatness”. Wow, Mr. Emerson.

Thank you ladies and Mark J., for this gift that I sat around looking at, fondling, toying with, and finally receiving. Especially for week nine and the call to persevere, to take charge of being part of the “essential whole”. I have been struggling for weeks, ignoring the obvious. The realization that my surroundings were a reflection of my inner self was a slap in the face, the smelling salts that awakened me and finally allowed me to immerse myself into this amazing journey.

MKE Week 5

The thought of writing my press release at first seemed something I really relished because one of the things in my DMP is to be published. Then I thought about what was in my DMP and was it what I really wanted. After thinking about it I realized it really was, a testament to how much the team has put into getting us to seek what WE really are what WE want for ourselves. Now I must get this DMP right. Thanks Andrew.

MKE week 4

I am so pumped about what’s about to occur in my life. The more I participate (and I have had some real challenges staying up to date) the more I see benefits.  I also see how difficult it is to replace old habits. I never thought it would be so difficult to turn off the TV at night (love watching the Warriors play  ball). The bigger issue is deciding how to deal with the personal issues that awareness brings to the fore, and not beat upon yourself for all the things you knew and did nothing with or about..

I had read Og, but not the way it was intended. Been exposed to many of the thinkers of our time, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn. Les Brown etc., and had (so I thought) put the knowledge to use. Participating in this has opened my eyes to a myriad of possibilities and reignited my desire to do some of the things that I excused myself from doing.In retrospect,  it is always easier to do the fun thing rather than make the sacrifice now to be able to do a lot more of the fun things later.  I understand the phrase, “youth is wasted on the young “. After getting to  a certain stage, I’m sure we’ve all uttered the statement ,”If only I had known back then…”. Well, MKE, has reinvigorated my desire to be of service. I am jacked about being able to share this withmy children and grandchildren . What if we all learned how to master subby?!



Week 3

Decided to really participate in the Master Key Experience. I believe this will be one of the most challenging things I have ever done.  This is about facing myself and dealing honestly with what I see so I can really change for the better.  That alone has been a very daunting task, because in reality, it has always been easier to shift the focus when that situation presented itself.  The man in the mirror often has not liked what he’s seen and that is not easy to admit.

Trying to determine what I really see as a DMP has been difficult to pen/pin down because there are so many unrequited loves and so little time left.